we help you sale your estate

FAQS About Estate Sales & Liquidations

Who can benefit from our estate sale service?

Individuals moving into a retirement or nursing home, estate executors, and those individuals moving out of state or into a smaller residence seek our help in removing personal belongings from their homes.

How does an estate sale work?

We provide all the resources needed to conduct a quality professional estate sale. We start working on the household roughly 2 weeks in advance depending on the size and attention needed. You need not to worry about cleaning, unpacking, or sorting any items. One piece of advice I would like to give: Don't throw anything away , as you will be surprised at what will sell.

Can I set the price at which I am willing to sell?

Of course! We understand that there is a price point at which you would rather keep your item than to sell it. You may establish a minimum price for those items.

What is your commission?

Our commission of 30% to 40% will be taken from the gross sales. There are no out of pocket expenses! Within 48 hours from the last day of the sale you will receive a check for the balance of the net proceeds and an accounting record for items sold.

What happens to the leftover items not sold?

After the sale we will supply you with various options on how best to disperse or dispose of any remaining contents. We can offer to box up the contents for charitable organizations, or consign the remaining items, or you may choose to keep the items left.